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Release Notes -Heroic Heirloom Sets and more!

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A massive amount of items have been added to the server. Along with the items that have been added we have added some more functionality, the biggest change/release is the addition of the new time reward system. This system allows players to earn rewards by having x amount of playtime and earn CP by playing on the server for each hour online! A quick list of features which have been added to the server include:

  • Time Reward System - When players login, a timer rewards their play time for each hour they are connected to the server earning 1 CP.
  • Time Reward System - New functionality has been created so that players hitting a specific time played earns them with specific rewards. (However 100% functional hasnt been setup yet)
  • New Shop Layout - The shop has been laid out to make it easier to find what youre looking for along as extend item descriptions so that you no longer have to click the item to read about it.
  • Heroic Heirloom Sets - All role types now have heroic heirlooms which can be purchased or earned from heroic dungeons or raid bosses.
  • Raid Buff Reagents Removed - Some spells which were missed in the previous patch Y have had their raid buff reagent costs removed.
  • Cosmetic Wings Added - Some new fancy wings added to spruce up your character a bit and give it a great look.
  • New Login Screen - Dont listen to that damn dragon anymore... Grab the new login screen with the new MPQ @ 
  • Added screen shots to downloads which didn't have them.
  • Added a how to connect link on the module bar front page.
  • New article which explains how to connect to the server.

*Note: The new login patch requires a Unsigned WoW exe file. You can download the EXE File from our Discord.

Spell change break down:

The following Heroic Heirloom Items have been added to the server:

The following cosmetic items have been added to the server:


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