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Release Notes -IPB4 Forum Registration

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Users can finally use our new forum board to register for their accounts getting us that much closer to getting rid of FusionCMS. Users will need to reset their password after their account is made. If a user hasnt made their account on the forums yet they will need to do this right away to prevent from being locked out.

Some other great features were added along with this great change.

  • The world chat channel can now be used by both factions where ever you are in the world.
  • We have a new Dev Kanban setup that supporters can use to visualize where we are going with development.
  • Hit raiting stat has been adjusted to not be used until we can resolve the issue with spells always missing on bosses.
  • Crushing blow issue has been resolved. This issue caused players to always take a crushing blow when facing bosses.
  • Testing with the authentication system has started, If you would like to involve yourself simply send Morpheus a message.

Spell Changes:

New Items:

Other Misc features / changes:

  • Currency conversions can now be made on Beetree a new NPC found in Dalaran.
  • Icons have been created for each currency type.
  • Exploit prevention check has been created for the currency.
  • Attempting to stack or move currency too fast will instantly disconnect the player.
  • RP can be traded between your characters on your account
  • BP and CP can no longer be moved off your existing character.

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