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Morpheus and Matrix

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While trying to keep it too personal, I share a little about the server and my self in the following post.

Matrix WoW was founded on 10/07/2018. The server started out initially as a vanilla private wow server patch 1.1.2. It only existed as a dueling server for 1v1 duels. Sometime went on where the server didn't get much attention. The point was to prepare for Vanilla wow to be launched. Getting tired of BFA wow, I started playing around more and more with the server.  The content in BFA was pretty bland. PvP was stale as hell and it was all about who had the best gear. There was absolutely zero skill in pvp at this moment in BFA. As an avid PvPer this really started to piss me off. Ive been playing wow for just over 13 years for the most part without letting my subscription lapse.

Ive been in the WoW Private server emulation scene for quite awhile now. The first server I ever started up was a TBC Private server. TBC and WotLK have always been my most favorite expansions. To me its when WoW was at is best and really came alive. After the the server had been running for a couple weeks I kind of got bored of the limit of the classes in vanilla, The horrible graphics, the lack of features and kicked up up a notch to TBC. After tinkering around with the server on TBC for a week it got another kick to WotLK where it has stayed since.

The reason for the pick of WotLK and not going on further is, well, the best expansion in my opinion. After WotLK all the content of the game started getting pruned and boring. WotLK is favored a lot by the emulation community mostly because of the stability as well as the large range of modding ability. Of which as a community we heavily base our development work on.

As a server owner / developer I work a lot in real life as well as I do on the server. I work an average of 120+ hours a week at my current job for 2 weeks in a row then, get a week off in which I spend on average of 8+ hours a day working on the server. My goal, no matter the load is to create a server which everyone can enjoy. Keeping the content as blizzlike as possible when it comes to stats and items but while keeping the server blizzlike also adding my own custom content. Content from future versions of the game and more. All future portions of the game will be scaled down to be explored and conquered with the WotLK game play.

The server will always be a realistic server to play on which means you wont see unrealistic 'fun-type' rates that you see on other servers. This is going to be developed as a real server where players can explore and play through real raids and dungeons while earning real rewards. It is really important to me that the server remains an environment where players can have fun with content that is blizzlike without unreasonable stats and ridiculous drop rates. We have minor changes made to the server but we are attempting to stay within a few reasonable bounds with our rates and changes. 

We have incorporated alot of QOL changes within the server. Many stat changes as well as the way some game mechanics function however they are all within the reasonable realm of a playable custom realistic rate WoW server.

These are the changes we have made to the server which may be immediately seen within the few hours of play:

  • All drop rates up to and including rare items are increased by 2. This means that dungeon drops and world drops are increased but Epic drops are not.
  • All experience rates and reputation rates are increased by x4. This reduces the amount of time spent leveling and gets you to endgame quicker.
  • All Elite NPCs in the game are at 160% difficulty. This makes raiding and dungeons significantly more difficult.
  • Dual Talent specialization level requirement is reduced to level 10. This means the first talent point you get you can start rolling into 2 specs.
  • All flight paths are available to you as a level one. So you can level where ever you want.
  • Players will always have the max skill level learned for weapons ( no need to punch stuff to level up unarmed )
  • Guild petitions no longer require signatures. Purchase a guild charter and turn it in instantly to create your guild.
  • Mail takes only 10 minutes to arrive instead of 1 hour. This applies to all players of the server, Even cross faction!
  • Resource rates are slightly increased for all classes to offset the difficulty of the server slightly.
  • Skill rate for professions slightly increased. You can use green and yellow more reliably to build your skill in your professions.
  • Players can track multiple resources at the same time such as mining + herbalism 
  • Players start with all map zones explored.
  • After finishing a duel all health, and cool downs are restored to 100% this allows players to duel back to back without having to rest.
  • Resetting talent points costs nothing. You're able to build and rebuild as much as you want without punishment.
  • Guilds can have more than one guild master. 
  • When you have reached max level, Grey NPCs will no longer attack you. There is no need to waste time on grey mobs right?
  • All class and all race combinations are available.
  • All classes can use any weapons. We have a wide variety of weapons that are added to the server. A mage wielding a 2 handed battle-ax for example.

These are a few of the many changes that you will see on the server that both provide massive QoL changes to the game but make it much more enjoyable to play. The goal here is to recreate fun. Taking away some of the tiresome grinding that really provides not much of an increase to character ability or playstyle.

Some of these QoL changes include the ability to vote for the server, Just as other servers have. However our option to vote for our server avoids the pay to win strategy that other servers use. We heavily avoid the pay to win aspect of our server. There is no point to host a server in which players consistently have to donate money to keep the upper hand. We avoid that aspect entirely as the server is expected to be a FUN place to play. Pay to win servers have the issue of players who have spent the most money pounding on people who have spent little to no money. Not a very fun environment. Those that do chose to donate to the server have cosmetic options available to them. 

When it comes to donations for a server it can be a touchy subject. Asking for some ones money is never easy. Especially in the private wow server scene. Where servers both prosper from donations but also go directly to some ones pocket without much improvement to the server. We have tried to help void the idea that donations are going directly to the pocket by showing you what they go for directly. At any time you can ask about our expenses and our donations and we would be happy to show receipts as well as donations made to the server. All of our transactions are recorded and protected via heavy encryption and then for extra protection stored at an offsite location.

Ive heard it numerous times where staff becomes corrupted within private servers. Events which lead to players going behind the scenes and donating for items which eventually leads to another form of pay to win. Our server is heavily logged and ALL GMs use a separate account for which their staff duties are heavily logged. This keeps both the server fair and avoids pay to win. While this is mostly unnecessary its used as a safety precaution. I trust the staff of the server to make the proper decisions and enforce the server rules as they have been with the community for many years. Our staff is both mature and very fair. Over the many projects that I have worked on they have been there and have been very supportive throughout the years.

All in all I hope this server prospers and its players find it a fun place to spend time. There is alot of room for improvement and there is a momentous amount of room for server growth. I am always open to suggestions and hope you will be more than willing to submit feed back where the server can improve and what you would like to see from the server as a player that will spend countless hours of time having a great time.



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