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  1. 1) (Actually clothies can survive Shadowstrike but not really hard by themselves) There is no need for a different mechanic thats exactly Crushing Blows but without avoidance. Yes its great if for some bosses there are more viable tanks etc. Not everything has to be homogenized. Yeah balancing mana so it takes more skill is something good it's already work in progress from what i know of but bugs and difficulty make it take some time. 2) NO! few more rare mobs or special packs or some other custom "thing" should neeed to be crowd controllable like heroic or a custom mythic version for dungeons if the difficulty needs it. Pulling big and aoe'ing stuff down is FUN and Skillfull and gives u a great sense of progression. u see and feel your character getting stronger compared to old times the better u are the more u pull the more effective u are and ofc the more u pull the more likely u are to die. Retail WoW has this problem that every trash mob has as many spells as a boss and its just an annoying nightmare expecially considering the almost 0 reward u get out of killing them. CC trash should NEVER be preffered because it reduces skill plays delays stuff unrewards progression and fun. Yes LoS definitly has a place as a skill mechanic would like to see it where it would fit. Extra compensation is not needed Resistance gear is a big yes definitly the gear system could be improved more BUT only on a custom Mythic difficulty or Heroic for naxx ETC 3) Yes and it is (expecially when dealing with big aoe pulls) the pets doing alot of dmg is a bug gonna be fixed. The current state of threat is perfectly fine.