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  1. 1) spike damage is only fun up to a certain point. Most healing classes do have instant or short-cast heals(priest is worst off with a 1.5 sec flash heal) but has pain suppression as disc and I think a weak instant group heal as holy.. Paladins have holy shock and lay on hands, druids have the one that consumes rejuv? or some other HoT and nature's grasp and I think Shamans have a similar spell to druids. If the spikes are consistent, then you consume all these 2+ minute CDs and cannot fight a boss for a long period of time. If the spikes are up to 40% then you cannot get instagibbed without using them before a cast goes off and eventually no cds are up. Precasting isn't that awful as a gameplay mechanic, but it is less effective in the context of a 10 man raid than 25/40 man raid. When you only have two healers you are pretty much on a coin toss that somebody precasted in sync with the spike. 2) Personally I think Crowd Control has almost no place in raids. Trash is trash and it's meant to have its certain challenges but forcing CC in to a 10 man raid seems like it was not a core gameplay thing in wotlk and had good reception. Obligatory crowd control limits the scope of how you can make groups as there is class-specific crowd control. Priest has MC/shackle(undead), Mage can only sheep humanoid, druid can hurricane anyone, paladin can fear undead or use repentance on humanoids and undead.... It's all very specialized to certain scenarios and you limit group composition by making it necessary against certain pulls in certain raids. For 5 mans, I'm all for it. 3) I don't think threat should be an issue barring people who do dumb stuff early on in the pull. If you're hitting the wrong thing or at it too early then yes, you should get laid out for it. It's still a collaborative team effort but I don't think introducing less threat for tanks in any way helps when 90% of dps will get one shot by a raid boss