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About This File

/ec or /elvui     Toggle the configuration GUI.
/rl or /reloadui  Reload the whole UI.
/moveui           Open the movable frames options.
/bgstats          Toggles Battleground datatexts to display info when inside a battleground.
/hellokitty       Enables the Hello Kitty theme (can be reverted by repeating the command).
/hellokittyfix    Fixes any colors or borders to default after using /hellokitty. Optional Use.
/harlemshake      Enables Harlem Shake april fools joke. (DO THE HARLEM SHAKE!)
/egrid            Toggles visibility of the grid for helping placement of thirdparty addons.
/farmmode         Toggles the Minimap Farmmode.
/in               The input of how many seconds you want a command to fire. 
                      usage: /in <seconds> <command>
                      example: /in 1.5 /say hi
/enable           Enable an Addon. 
                      usage: /enable <addon>
                      example: /enable AtlasLoot
/disable          Disable an Addon.
                      usage: /disable <addon>
                      example: /disable AtlasLoot

What's New in Version 1.0.0   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.