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All Frequently Asked Questions

    A: Our server is intended to be more challenging than others. Mobs have increased health and damage. Players have increased experience and reputation gains. On top of all this, players have increased resource generation and recovery. 

    A: Currently, Naxxaramas, Obsidian Sanctum, and Eye of Eternity are out. We will be implementing progressive releases for the remaining raids, as previous tiers are completed. 

    A: https://forum.m-a-t-r-i-x.com/files/ Here you can find all of our custom patches, as well as our custom launcher.

    While we try to maintain a "Blizzlike" experience, we also want the server to be more challenging - and more rewarding - than when it launched in 2008. With that in mind, we offer all Race/Class combos, increased leveling rates, increased raid/dungeon difficulty, and a uniquely-challenging leveling experience.

    A: This is a question which has no answer. Our population is growing every day, as our staff works diligently to attract users via our quality content, timely updates, and minimal downtime. 

    A: https://forum.m-a-t-r-i-x.com/application/form/1-bug-report/

    A: The best way to contact anyone from the staff is on our Discord, http://discord.m-a-t-r-i-x.com/ Our moderation team takes just as much pride in their availability as they do their in-depth knowledge of our server. 

    A: While we do accept donations, we do not sell any gear or items in the store which gives players a competitive edge over others. All funds received from donations go towards improving server quality.

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